The Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting was held on Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 7: pm in the Board room of the Municipal Office.



Council:   Allan McInnis
Wayne Gavin
Jeff Hackett
Gerald Keough
Judy Morrissey Richard
Angel Murphy
Debbie Fennessey

CAO          Karen Gaudet Gavin
Staff/Resident:  Mike Gavin
Media:     Laura Mills – West Prince Graphic


  1. Meeting called to order
     Chairperson McInnis called the meeting to order, time 7:05pm


1. a. Conflict of Intereset
 No council declare in conflict with the material presented.


  1. Approval of Agenda
    It was moved by Councillor Wayne Gavin and seconded by Councillor Jeff Hackett:
    That the agenda presented be approved.  Motion Carried


  1. Approval of the Minutes
     It was moved by Councillor Jeff Hackett and seconded by Councillor Angel Murphy:
    That the minutes of the Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting of January 11, 2016 be approved as presented.  Motion Carried

 4. Business Arising
No business or comments from the minutes



Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Pg. 2

February 8th, 2016

  1. Reports
  1. A) Lights/Sidewalks/Fire Department – Wayne Gavin

 Re: St. Lights, Councillor Gavin reported the street light on Park Lane has been moved near the intersection of Irma Lane and Park Lane.
There is no update on two street lights to be placed on Church Street.
Re; Sidewalks: no report
Re: Fire Department, Councillor Gavin had attended the Annual and Monthly Meeting of the Department.  At the annual the department made recommendations as to who will be on the executive as well the Deputy Chief and Fire Chief for 2016.

Councillor Gavin reported two firefighters resign from the department; Claude Dorgan and Harley Perry.
The Department as recommended the council to accept Davey Murphy as a volunteer Firefighter.

Motion – Volunteer Firefighter
  It was moved by Councillor Wayne Gavin and seconded by Councillor Judy Morrissey Richard.
 The Council accepts Davey Murphy as a volunteer firefighter as per the recommendation by the Fire Department.  Motion Carried

    Motion – Fire Department Executive-Fire Chief/Deputy Chief
  It was moved by Councillor Wayne Gavin and seconded by Councillor Gerald Keough:
The council accepts the following members to be on the Fire Department Executive, Vance Keough as President, Paulette Arsenault Secretary, Cindy Gaudet -Bookkeeper, Fire Chief – Allan Gavin and Shawn A’Hearn-Deputy Chief. Motion Carried

Motion – Resignation of Volunteer Firefighters
 It was moved by Councillor Wayne Gavin and seconded by Councillor Gerald Keough:

That the council accepts the resignation of Harley Perry and Claude Dorgan as volunteers on the Tignish Fire Department.   Motion Carried


 Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Pg. 3

February 8, 2016


  1. Reports – continued
  1. B) Park/Planning Board:  Debbie Fennessey

             Re: Park – no report

Re: Planning Board, Councillor Fennessey reported the board held a meeting to discuss various issues such as land space for Mini Homes, the vacancy of the apartment building on Railway Street and the drafting of Policy 5 Gifts and Compensation.

Motion – Policy 5 – “Gifts and Compensation”
  Copies of the policy were circulated to the Council.  After reviewing each of the items and making a few adjustments it was moved by Councillor Debbie Fennessey and seconded by Councillor Jeff Hackett:
   That the Council accepts Policy 5 with the changes noted.  Motion Carried

  The Board would like to see Tignish Initiatives consider looking into the possibility of taking ownership of the vacant building on Railway Street. Once they have ownership to commence work in renovating the building for occupancy.

Chairperson McInnis mentioned that an individual is interested in the property and if he decides not to purchase then approach Tignish Initiatives.

The planning Board also discuss the possibility to approach Tignish Initiatives to look into the prospect of helping in the getting the subdivision on Phillip Street developed to accommodate for access to house Mini Homes.

Councillor Angel Murphy who is on the Tignish initiatives Board will bring this to the board at their next scheduled meeting.


  1. C) Finance and RCMP — Jeff Hackett
      Re:  Finance, Councillor Hackett presented the list of bills to be [aid as well indicated two bills from Ricki’s Burner for $551.65 work done at the fire hall and $8491.65 for work completed to get the third well up and running.

It was questioned and replied by Councillor Hackett as to what the Utility is paying toward the work completed on the third well.
The two bills added to the list totals $36,915.07 from $27,871.77 as per the council’s copies.


Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Pg. 4

February 8th, 2016

  1. Reports – continued
     Re: Finance -continued
    Motion – Bills to be paid

It was moved by Councillor Jeff Hackett and seconded by Councillor Angel Murphy:

 That the list of bills totalling $36,915.07 be paid.  Motion Carried

    Re: RCMP, Councillor Hackett read the report prepared for the past month. The report noted the number of hours spent in the community and listed nature of calls received

  1. D) Sewer and Water/Property Management – Gerald Keough
     Re: Sewer and Water, Councillor Keough asks Mike Gavin to give his report. The report mentioned activities that he attended to in the past month also the process taken to get well number 3 up and running.

Following the report, Chairperson McInnis gave a brief report on the meeting held with Morley Foye and noted the main topic of discuss was the lagoon and the well field protection zone. With the Well Field Protection Zone a Bylaw has to be put in place.

Councillor Keough questioned and noted by Chairperson McInnis that letters will be sent to those in delinquent.

  1. E) Tignish initiatives/CIB/tourism – Angel Murphy
       Re: Tignish initiatives, Councillor Murphy touched on the annual report prepared by Anne Arsenault, Tignish initiatives.

Councillor Murphy also noted a reassessment of the Stoppin Tom Project is being completed and is hopeful it would be up and running in 2017.
The other topic being addressed is the District Heating System.
RE:  CIB, as some may have notice a Face book page has been set up for Communities in bloom. The committee will be applying for Signage for the Best Garden Award.  The signage is at no cost.  The application must be submitted by Feb. 23rd.

 As well Jamie and Garth will be completing a tree inventory.

Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Pg. 5

February 8, 2016



  1. Reports – continued
    Re: CIB At this time Chairperson McInnis mentioned at the informal meeting held with Minister of Finance, Allan Roach this was address regarding some unhealthy trees in the community and possible assistance to have them removed.
  1. F) Recreation/Library/Streets/Website – Judy Morrissey Richard
    Re: Library, Councillor Judy Morrissey Richard reported a good turnout at the Library in the celebration of Dianne McHugh’s retirement after 25 years as the Tignish Librarian.
    Re; Recreation, Councillor Morrissey Richard reported this year is the 30th anniversary of the Winter Carnival and presented a budget which indicated the cost for Fire Works.  Copies of the budget were included in the council’s package.  Also included in their package was a list of activities.

The Carnival may have to be rescheduled for the first week of March due to the Provincial 55 plus games slated for the week of the Winter Carnival.
Motion – Winter Carnival Budget
 It was moved by Councillor Judy Morrissey Richard and seconded by Councillor Gerald Keough:
To approve the budget for the 2016 Winter Carnival’s 30th anniversary having a balance budget with Revenue at $3550 and expenses the same.  Motion Carried

   Motion – Atlantic Recreation & Facilities Conference and Trade Show
  Chancey Gaudette is requesting approval of council to attend this conference to be held in Truro on April 6 to 8th.  Copies of the expense were included in the council’s package.
There may be a possibility Chancey could travel with the other Recreation director’s which would cut cost.
It was discuss and moved by Councillor Judy Morrissey Richard and seconded by Councillor Jeff Hackett:
To send Chancey to the Atlantic Recreation and Facilities conference and Trade Show in Truro on April 6 to 8th and cover expenses as listed for $1000. Motion Carried

  1. Public comment

   No comments

Council’s Regular Monthly Meeting

Pg. 6

February 8, 2016

  1. Correspondence
  1. A) Royal Canadian Legion, President Randall Perry has invited the Community to present  Communities in Bloom a donation.  This event will take place on Saturday, February 20th at 7: pm and it is hopeful that council will be able to attend. The legion will be releasing a total of $80,000 to 19 organizations.  This is some of the proceeds from the Chase the Ace.

The chairperson noted he will be attending the function.

  1. B) FPEIM – The following items were not entertained.
      1)  Nomination for board election
      2)  Resolutions
      3)  Nominate for the Bruce H Yeo Memorial Award
  1. New Business
  1. A) Motion – Rescind Policy 3 Gift and Compensation

 It was moved by Councillor Debbie Fennessey and seconded by Councillor Angel Murphy to rescind Policy 3 and replace with Policy 5 Gifts and Compensation.  Motion Carried

  Motion – Policy 4 – Sports Incentive
 Since the sports incentive is no longer being applied it was moved by Councillor Jeff Hackett   and seconded by Councillor Debbie Fennessey:
  To rescind Policy 4 – Sports Incentive.  Motion Carried

  1. Next Meeting
    The Annual Meeting and council’s Regular Monthly Meeting will be held on Monday, March 14th and storm date March 15.

          Council agreed.

  1. Meeting Adjourned

 Chairperson McInnis adjourned meeting, time 8:30pm


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Chairperson Allan McInnis                                                          Karen Gaudet Gavin – CAO